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Burn injuries can have permanent lasting effects on victims - not only physically but also emotionally and financially. If you or a loved one have survived this type of injury, you're likely wondering whether taking legal action is right for you.

NJ Burn Injury Attorneys

After a burn injury, are you wondering:

  • Can I be compensated for my personal injuries?
  • Who will pay for my medical bills?
  • Am I entitled to remuneration for pain & suffering?

Our NJ injury law firm is experienced in a wide array of negligence cases, from slip and fall accidents to medical malpractice and everything in between. Contact us now for a free consultation. Our lawyers will be able to answer the above questions and any others you may have about your legal options. 

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The experienced personal injury attorneys at our New Jersey law firm have successfully litigated numerous burn injury claims in the past. This means that our team understands how to work with fire victims and their families, ensuring they have a fair shot at getting the compensation they deserve.

Burn Injury Lawsuits

Depending on the circumstances of a fire and your resulting injuries, you can highly likely pursue a fire injury lawsuit. However, you must remember that such lawsuits are difficult and complex, even when they are based on valid negligence claims. Our team can guide you every step of the way as we pursue your claim, representing your interests at all times.

Burn injury lawsuits are filed against all types of entities, including businesses, municipalities, and even individuals. A fire injury lawyer can help you decide whether you have a case and who can be held responsible by reviewing the following:

  • Whether the person who started the fire knew it was a fire hazard or not (first responders can also make such claims)
  • Suppose there was negligence involved in the accident. The definition of "negligence" is a vague term that varies between state laws and courts. However, it typically means that you were exposed to an unusual risk not inherent in everyday use.
  • Whether the person should have avoided the accident or at least limited your injuries, such as using a safer alternative method, taking precautions, or making other changes.
  • If there was a defect in the product that caused the fire or was intentionally lit by someone who did not know what they were doing.

The "rules" of deciding whether to pursue a claim are much more complicated than most people think, and you should discuss your specific situation with your attorney so they can determine the best way to proceed.

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Classifying Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are common in many types of accidents. This is because the most significant risk factors for burns involve heat exposure and contact with scalding liquids or steam. Burns can also occur at work, by chemical exposure, or medical interventions like radiation therapy.

  • 1st degree: epidermal burns (the surface of the skin is damaged)
  • 2nd degree: epidermal and dermal burns (second-degree burns go deeper than 1st degree, sometimes damaging up to the layer of fat in the skin)
  • 3rd degree: full-thickness burns (burns penetrate all layers of the skin, often destroying muscle and bone).

The type and extent of treatment for each of the above categories depend on burn severity. People with burns should seek medical advice immediately in case they need urgent treatment.

Directly Following A Burn Injury Of Any Type...

If you have been burned in an accident that was not your fault, seek immediate medical attention and contact a personal injury lawyer to get your compensation for the wrong done to you covered asap. There may be time limits on when you should file, so this is important to know before hiring an attorney.

Fight For Compensation Via A Burn Injury Lawsuit

A burn injury lawsuit can result in substantial financial compensation being awarded to victims and their loved ones. Yet, the value of a claim is nearly impossible to determine before a case is litigated.

There are several factors that are taken into account when determining the value of a burn injury lawsuit. Some of these include:

  1. Nature, extent, and severity of the burn injuries
  2. Victim's medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  3. Lost wages (victims or loved ones who had to care for them)
  4. Future medical expenses
  5. Pain and suffering (P&S)
  6. Emotional distress
  7. Loss of consortium (relations with a partner)
  8. Funeral & burial costs, if death occurred

Some or all of these types of damages may be considered in a particular burn injury lawsuit. Which damages will affect the value of your fire injury claim will depend exclusively on the facts of your case. Moreover, you may be entitled to compensation for damages not represented in the above list. 

Ultimately, it will come down to the attorney you hire and how experienced they are in building a case that considers all of your damages when calculating the compensation amount to be pursued. Additionally, remember that there are often significant time limitations (statute of limitations) in which to file burn injury lawsuits. Therefore, you must speak with a qualified burn injury attorney as soon as possible following the injuries.

How A Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help You Seek Justice

It's common to struggle physically, emotionally, as well as financially after suffering burn injuries. In such a case, it is often highly advised to hire a legal team to help you navigate the legal process.

Insurance companies are often on the hook for paying injury claims, though they will do their best to reduce the value of burn injury claims. Personal injury lawyers represent their clients in front of insurance companies as well as in court. They handle the strategy, deadlines, and direction of the case from start to finish, so they can negotiate, litigate or settle for the maximum amount of money for your injuries. Make sure you have an experienced legal representative fighting for your rights.

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