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Rail travel is popular with many New Jersey commuters. Yet, when the daily commute results in personal injuries or death, victims and their loved ones are left with many questions. Our experienced auto accident law firm is here to help. 

NJ Train Accident Attorneys

If you have any legal questions, we can get you the answers you need. Moreover, we are prepared to use the civil justice system to assist you and your loved ones after a train accident.

It's possible to get justice if the negligence of a train conductor, train company, or other caused you damages of any kind. However, it's key to have an experienced legal professional by your side. Let the Garden State Justice Group help you fight for justice.

Victims and their families can suffer tremendously from train accidents. It is possible for train accidents to cause significant financial damage, including medical bills and lost wages. Likewise, train accidents can cause physical and emotional injuries, which can seriously impair a victim's ability to work, engage in recreational activities, or take care of family members.

Seeking Compensation After A Train Accident

It's not widely acknowledged, but generally, when accidents occur on trains, the train company can be sued for monetary damages; with that said, it is imperative that you act promptly after an accident or a death so you can preserve your rights against the railroad company. Getting the services of a train accident attorney who has experience with injury and wrongful death cases is essential.

Garden State Justice Group is a firm of dedicated lawyers who will work with you to help you collect compensation following such an accident. We have experience filing claims after train accidents, and we understand what separates a successful claim from a failed one.

A compensation claim may be the only chance you have at justice, so make sure you work with a legal representative you can trust. During this difficult time for yourself and your family, the Garden State Justice Group have your back.

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Causes Of Train Accidents In New Jersey

Various factors can lead to train accidents. Equipment malfunctions, operator errors, or offenses such as vandalism can often be a cause; we elaborate on other ones below.

  1. Mechanical failures: most accidents occur during dynamic events, such as when trains are starting up or entering a station. This is because typically there are various moving parts that are required to work together to make the train run quickly. Human error or mechanical failure can cause any one of these components to malfunction, which can have disastrous consequences.
  2. Inadequacies in design: the evolution of trains over the last century has seen them grow into increasingly complex machines. The result is that design flaws are often going unnoticed and leading to future dangers.
  3. Insufficient staff training: a well-trained train operator can prevent accidents, yet accidents occur too often as a result of train operators making mistakes. The fault is rarely placed on an individual train conductor or staff member; instead, accidents can often be traced to inadequate training and certification. Such issues can be directly attributed to the company operating the train.
  4. Negligence by a conductor: the most common cause of train accidents is mechanical failure, however, conductors can also cause accidents while performing their duties by making mistakes. When mistakes aren't a result of poor training, they can be the result of conductor fatigue. It is imperative that railroad companies implement policies that will guarantee rest time for all crew members as well as standard safety precautions during the course of their shifts.
  5. Spills of hazardous chemicals: when there is a spill on the tracks, it can spread across the railbed, causing a hazardous situation for trains that follow.
  6. Poor (or a complete lack of) train and track maintenance: Train accidents can be caused by faulty parts, which is why train operators have a responsibility to ensure that all components are in working order any time the wheels are rolling. Lack of funding by the company owning the railroad may make it impossible for a train operator to perform the needed maintenance, or it may be their own negligence that resulted in the lack of attention to repairs.

Common Types Of Train Accidents

The two most common types of train accidents are collisions and derailments. A train collision occurs when trains crash into each other or into another vehicle, such as a car jammed on a track. A train can is derailed if it gets off track for whatever reason; human error or mechanical failure may both result in this.

Train Accident Lawsuits & Compensation

By filing a train accident lawsuit against the party deemed responsible for damages, the individual affected by a train accident can fight for the compensation they deserve. The damages that are considered in a train accident lawsuit, and which have an effect on the total compensation amount, include:

  • The cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation if your injuries require them;

  • Lost wages: the wages you would have earned if not injured;

  • Besides medical costs, lost wages, and other financial losses, a judge or jury may award you pain and suffering damages;

  • Lost earning potential, such as due to physical or other disabilities; and

  • Other economic damages.

State laws differ significantly with regards to the dollar amount of compensation that victims may collect, such as for economic losses resulting from permanent disabilities. Additionally, state laws may cap the maximum recovery depending on the nature of the accident. This is yet another reason why it's so critical to seek the advice of a legal professional who practices and has experience with train accident claims within your state.

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If you were affected by a train accident in New Jersey, the Garden State Justice Group want to help you get justice. The only way we agree to represent and fight for your rights is on contingency, which means if we are not able to secure compensation on your behalf, there will be no attorneys' fees owed to us. You've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain - give us a call today.

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