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Construction workers understand the risks that come with their jobs; indeed, injuries are more than common in the construction industry. Nevertheless, this does not mean that victims of construction injuries don't deserve to be supported and protected when accidents occur.

NJ Construction Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one suffered a construction injury, you must know that you are entitled to compensation under the law.

  • Receive compensation for medical expenses
  • All or a portion of lost wages paid back
  • Potential for disability benefits (SSDI)

Your employer and insurance companies may tell you that you're not entitled to remuneration, or they may try to decrease your benefits. Contact our experienced workers' comp attorneys now to learn exactly what compensation you're entitled to after a construction accident. 

Construction workers like you are in high demand. We would not be living in the homes and cities we thrive in if it weren't for you, your knowledge, and your skills. Construction work is incredibly dangerous and injury victims, along with loved ones, can suffer not only physically but also financially when injuries occur.

Naturally, it's only normal to wonder whether you are entitled to compensation after a construction accident injures you.

Compensation For Construction Injuries

In a great majority of construction injury cases, victims are able to recover some compensation. Yet, the amount of compensation awarded varies significantly from case to case. 

Generally, compensation amounts are based on medical expenses incurred (surgery, therapy, etc...), lost wages due to treatment and disability, and remuneration for physical pain and emotional trauma. Unfortunately, there is no standardized scale for awarding compensation based on damages. As a result, insurance providers will do their best to decrease our completely deny claims in order to protect their bottom line. 

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Who Pays Out Construction Injury Claims?

Workers' comp insurance is required by law for most employers to cover their injured employees. Workers' compensation, in theory, covers all workplace injuries and accidents, regardless of whether the worker contributed to them. Insurance companies, however, don't like to lose money, so they commonly push their employees to investigate reasons for denying claims.

One simple mistake on a claim form can lead to an outright denial of workers' compensation benefits. You can appeal, but it can take months to get a decision.

An experienced attorney can help you get your workers' compensation claim paid as quickly as possible no matter whether you've filed a claim or are merely starting the appeals process.

Construction Injury Lawsuits

Yet, workers' comp may only cover medical costs and a fraction of the lost wages, regardless of whether the claim is approved right away and the maximum amount is paid out. Due to these reasons, it is also wise to consider filing a lawsuit.

It may seem extreme, but pursuing a construction accident lawsuit may be your best option for maximizing your compensation.

In a construction accidents lawsuit, you sue the party or parties that were negligent in causing your injuries. Manufacturers of defective tools, contractors who created a hazardous environment on the job site, architects and engineers, or even site owners may be held responsible. It is possible for there to be more than one defendant in some cases.

An award can cover all of your past and predicted future losses, even if it takes a bit longer to obtain compensation in a lawsuit.

Can I Sue My Employer?

In most cases of construction injury, you will not be able to sue your employer. Yet, if your employer failed to purchase workers' comp insurance for you, or if they injured you on purpose, then filing a lawsuit may be a viable avenue.

New Jersey Construction Accident Law Firm

Those who are responsible for paying you for damages are sure to seek out experienced legal representatives. You have the right to do the same.

Our firm has previously fought for and won construction injury cases in the state of New Jersey. We understand the process as well as the strategies that defendants will use to try to win the case. Moreover, we are passionate about fighting for the rights of those who wouldn't be able to stand up for themselves against the big insurance companies.

Contact us now for a consultation. Your case review is completely free of cost, so you've got nothing to lose and much to gain. Additionally, we will only represent you on contingency, so unless we secure compensation on your behalf, you will not owe us anything. No Win, No Fee.

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