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If you’ve reached this page, you or someone you love may have been the victim of sexual abuse or assault. Our experienced sexual assault attorneys understand the severe trauma these crimes can bring, and they can help in the pursuit of justice against those who are responsible.

Sexual Assault Lawyers Defending The Right Of NJ Victims

We understand that it’s not easy to step forward, and nothing can undo the damage that has been caused. But seeking and achieving justice can be a critical part of the healing process.

Our team of lawyers can help you find the strength to come forward and tell your story. Contact us today for a confidential, no-cost consultation – we can help you get started on the road to recovery.

The civil justice system gives victims powerful options not afforded by the criminal system of the State of New Jersey. Organizations that protect and enable those who commit these atrocities can and should be held accountable as well, and this is exactly what our sexual assault attorneys intend to do on your behalf.

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse?

Victims often question whether the violations they experienced are considered abuse or assault by the law. In fact, there are many behaviors that fall within the category of abuse. These can include the following, among others:

  • Sexually explicit calls or SMS messages
  • Undesired touching of genitals
  • Forced watching of sexual acts or pornographic material
  • Exposing oneself to others

The above examples are not an exhaustive list of sexual trespassings by any measure. The fact is, many behaviors can be considered sexual assault, even when the victim doesn’t realize it at the time.

Additionally, it is important to understand that sexual assaults do not have to be ongoing for victims to have a strong case. A single occurrence is enough to devastate an individual’s life; a single incident is also enough reason for victims and their loved ones to take action.

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Power And Violence

One of the most common aspects encountered in sexual abuse cases is an imbalance of power between the victim and perpetrator. Sexual offenders often rely on this dynamic to carry out their violations.

In many instances, victims are violated by individuals they not only respect but deeply trust. From this position of power, the abuser will then make threats or even use physical force to coerce the victim. In some of the worst cases, perpetrators will go as far as exploiting a minor’s inability to consent to sexual acts.

The Victim of Sexual Assault

Above, we briefly covered some of the acts committed by sexual abusers. However, many survivors of sexual abuse doubt that the law will see them as a victim. This could not be further from the truth.

A person who suffers any kind of damage or personal injury at the hands of another can be considered a victim of a crime; the same is true in sexual abuse incidents. And though the term “damage” may seem vague, this is one of the aspects of the civil court system that allows those affected by these crimes to be adequately compensated. Enlisting the insight of an experienced sexual abuse lawyer is often the first step down this path towards justice.

Compensation For Survivors Of Sexual Crimes

When an individual who is accused of a sex crime is found guilty by a court, they can be ordered to pay restitution to the victim. These can include lost wages, damaged property, and health insurance costs, among others. However, each of these must be argued in court, and the values attached to these damages are not necessarily sufficient to cover the true trauma experienced

On the other hand, the civil court system permits survivors and their loved ones to pursue damages that can’t be measured in numbers. For instance, physical or emotional pain, as well as ongoing trauma after the crime, may be able to be taken into consideration.

With the help of an experienced sexual assault lawyer, victims can pursue both of these avenues of compensation provided by the law.

How A Sexual Assault Victim Attorney Can Help

With the legal experience of a lawyer at your side, victims of sexual crimes can file a legal claim against those whose negligence enabled them to be sexually assaulted.

It can take a very long time for survivors to feel like they are brave enough to follow this path. However, pursuing and achieving justice can prove to be a critical step in the recovery process. There’s no doubt that these crimes leave victims emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. Therapy can help them cope, as can support organizations and other types of counseling. Yet, if justice is never made, those who have been wronged may never be able to fully heal.

Fighting for your rights in a court of law can be an empowering experience for victims and a vital part of the healing process. Many also feel like a massive weight is lifted off their shoulders when they are finally able to make their voices heard. They come out the “other side” as stronger individuals who were able to go through a harrowing experience and not only survive but thrive afterward.

Perhaps most rewardingly, victims also find that their strength helps others. There are countless victims in the shadows who are terrified of coming forth. In seeing the hardships of others, these hidden figures can find the strength to stand up and fight their own fight, too.

Throughout every step of this arduous process, an experienced lawyer from our team will be there by your side, ensuring that the most powerful legal tools are working in your favor.


In today’s day and age, there is a terrifying custom of blaming victims for the attacks they suffered. This way of thinking is absolutely flawed and must be changed, as a victim would never ask to be put through such a horrendous experience. We believe that to change this, the voices of survivors must be brought to light.

By exposing their abusers – the persons who defile those they attack – survivors bring awareness to their experiences. Filing a lawsuit for sexual abuse is one of the most concrete ways in which individuals may achieve this.

We are sure that it is possible to make a difference, we’ve seen it happen with our past clients. Slowly but surely, case by case, these erroneous ways of thinking about sexual assaults will be changed, but it will require the bravery of survivors, support of their communities, and a dedicated lawyer to make it happen.

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Survivors of sexual assault are likely to be too scared or even ashamed to speak about their experiences. For this reason, our dedicated attorneys have made their legal experience available to them via free and 100% confidential consultations.

In our free consultation, a lawyer will analyze your case and then lay out all of the options on the table. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have. Ultimately, the decision is up to you to move forward, and we understand this is not an easy one to make.

You can count on our sexual assault lawyers to support you every step of the way in this fight, and that we’ll be right there by your side until the end.

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