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Were you or someone you love the victim of personal injuries? We completely understand the physical and emotional hardships you are going through right now. Most importantly, we understand that you may feel lost without knowing who to turn to for help.

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On this page, we have outlined the most relevant information you need to know about finding a personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.

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If you are suffering because of a personal injury caused by another’s negligence, you need to know that you are not alone. You also need to know that you have the right to fight for your deserved compensation after you were wronged.

Any amount of money can’t change the past, nor will it be able to undo all of the struggle you’ve had to endure and the stress you’ve been put through. However, it can help you feel that justice has been done, and it can allow you and your loved ones to regain the peace of mind that was taken from you. Let our personal injury lawyers be there by your side to aid in achieving this.

The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is the legal code that allows a person to receive compensation when they suffer damages at the hands of another individual. These damages can be physical or mental, and whether they were intentional or by accident, a victim may still have a personal injury case on their hands. The biggest component of personal injury claims is that damages must exist – without injury or harm of some kind, there is no basis on which to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injuries & Negligence

The law does not establish an absolute duty for persons to take care of those around them at all times. However, it does in fact state that individuals must not act carelessly, or “negligently”, to an extent that causes harm to others. With this in mind, there are some concrete situations in which persons are expected to maintain a level of consideration for those around them. For example, drivers are expected to abide by traffic laws so as to avoid crashes (and injuries.) Along the same vein, property owners should do their best to ensure their premises are safe for guests and passers-by alike. Negligence is generally the foundation upon which a personal injury lawsuit is built. There are other factors that may also play a part such as intent, recklessness, and strict liability, though these may not be necessary for an injury case to be successful. If you’ve suffered injuries due to another’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. Continue reading below to see why a personal injury attorney can be so instrumental in pursuing and achieving the compensation you deserve.

What Does An Injury Attorney Do?

In some injury cases, the victims of personal injuries are so sure about the circumstances around their accident that they may question whether they really need the help of a legal professional. Indeed, persons who’ve suffered fractures after a slip and fall, or those who require significant medical intervention after a car crash, may ask themselves “Do I really need a personal injury lawyer? The bodily harm I experienced is absolutely clear and visible!” In the following section, we discuss the part that a personal injury lawyer plays in an injury lawsuit, and how their input can make the difference between a fruitful lawsuit or a failed one.

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The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

One of the first tasks that injury lawyers take on as soon as you contact a law firm is to begin a thorough analysis of the circumstances of the incident which resulted in your injuries.

Earlier, we discussed the potential for a “duty of care” to exist. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will carefully examine the events that took place on the date of the incident. Then, they will ascertain if the individual who caused your injury had some sort of duty to avoid wrongful harm to others. If it is found that they did, then that person may be considered negligent and the case can move ahead.

There are many examples in which it can be obvious that a duty of care existed and that it was violated or breached. In other instances, the answer may not be so clear.

This is why it can be vital to discuss your personal injury with an attorney. You may be sure that you’re entitled to compensation or, on the other hand, you may not know that in fact, an award was at all possible. Discussing your case with a personal injury lawyer is one of the few ways in which you can be absolutely sure about all of the legal options at your disposal.

What Happens Next?

Once an injury lawyer has determined that there is a basis for a lawsuit, the next step is to get to work building your case. Most importantly, the injury law firm  team will begin collecting evidence that can then be used to establish fault in a court of law.

Evidence can take all kinds of forms though the most common includes photographs or videos, official police reports of the incident, eyewitness testimony and even medical bills. After all of the existing evidence has been gathered, your personal injury attorney will then put together a packet of documents, along with a demand letter.

Included in this package are all of the documents which demonstrate why the damages injury victims suffered were the result of another’s negligence. Moreover, it usually also includes an official letter in which your intentions to obtain a compensation of some sort are clear. This package is presented to the “other side”, to the party that is believed to have acted negligently, for their review.

By this point, no personal injury lawsuit has been filed. In fact, you are giving those at fault for your injuries a chance to make it right without undergoing legal procedures.

They may respond with an injury settlement offer or some sort of agreement to avoid the lawsuit. In other instances, they may completely disregard the damages you’ve suffered and their part in causing them.

If the person or entity that is believed to be at fault for your injuries is not willing to settle, then your attorneys and their team will officially file the lawsuit.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Characteristics

After suffering a personal injury, it’s very likely for injury victims and their loved ones to feel completely overwhelmed.

In many cases, an accident or injury can bring on significant emotional distress as well as unexpected financial burdens. This is only made worse by the fact that most people simply don’t know who to turn to for legal help – with so many options out there, how can you choose a personal injury lawyer?

If you are seeking experienced injury lawyers, these are some things to look out for.

Questions To Ask A PI Lawyer

First and foremost, you want a personal injury attorney who is specialized in the nature of your injury. For example, if you were a victim of medical malpractice, you wouldn’t necessarily want a sexual assault lawyer handling your case. Personal injury law can be quite broad, so researching the past injury cases ought by a personal injury lawyer will give you an idea of their legal specialty and the likelihood that they can achieve a maximum compensation on your behalf.

Similarly, and before hiring a lawyer, feel free to ask the attorney for references from past clients who also pursued personal injury claims. If a lawyer has no references, this does not entail that they are a bad attorney, it simply means they may not have the experience you want defending your rights.

Finally, the most effective personal injury attorneys will generally work on a contingency fee basis. This is what is commonly advertised as “No Win No Fee.”

Why is this structure so important? This structure is important because it directly links the best interests of the client to the best interests of the lawyer.

If a client is not awarded the full compensation they deserve, then the attorneys will also be paid less than they could have earned. This structure also makes it so that a lawyer is wholeheartedly involved in each one of the cases they take on, if for no other reason than because a higher award or settlement for their client equals a larger compensation for the lawyers and their team.

Recent Settlements

One of the most common questions that persons who have suffered personal injuries ask themselves is “How much is my personal injury case worth?”

While personal injury lawyers would like to be able to guarantee a set amount for their clients, the absolute truth is that every case is different. The factors that go into calculating a compensation include such things as the extent of the injury, the age of the victim, the expenses incurred for treatment, the potential medical costs in the future and many more. Since all of these factors can vary not only from person to person but from state to state, it is almost impossible to estimate as to the compensation before the case is worked on.

Below we have included some of the previous settlements and awards that our personal injury attorneys have achieved on behalf of their clients.

Personal Injury Cases Won

  • $5,500,000; Award for Department of Transportation worker who was hit by a vehicle while on-the-job
  • $1,700,000; Settlement for individual with a faulty hip implant
  • $900,000; Victim was “t-boned” in an intersection when the defendant ran through a red light at an intersection
  • $472,000; Slip and fall accident due to ice on sidewalk of commercial property

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of personal injuries, reach out to our experienced team today for a review of your case. This legal consultation of your case is completely free; it’s also free of obligations.

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