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Sexual abuse or sexual assault can leave victims feeling confused and helpless. It can be hard to think about anything else but recovery when you're dealing with the trauma of the experience. However, there are resources available to help you recover financially if you've been sexually assaulted or abused.

NJ Sexual Abuse Lawyers Protecting The Rights Of Abused Victims

It's important to know that you have a legal right to seek compensation for any injuries and suffering caused by sexual assault or abuse. Our experienced New Jersey sexual abuse attorneys help clients get the compensation and justice they deserve.

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Sexual Abuse in College and University

Sexual abuse in college is a topic that has become increasingly prevalent over the past decade. As more and more people have come forward to speak about their sexual harassment experiences, it has become clear that it is a problem that is widespread in higher education.

While there is no official definition of what constitutes sexual abuse, there are some commonly accepted characteristics that define it. For example, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, sexual abuse in higher education includes:

  • Any act of sexual contact between an educator and a student
  • A sexual relationship between an educator and a student that involves coercion, intimidation, or manipulation
  • An educator who is engaged in any sexual behavior with a student that is nonconsensual and that has been coerced or manipulated.

The impact of sexual abuse in colleges is far-reaching. It has a devastating effect on the lives of the students who experience it and their families. It also has a devastating effect on the academic careers and employment opportunities of the students who are abused.

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Justice for Sexual Abuse Victims

The Garden State Justice Group sexual abuse attorneys focus their practices on representing survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault. We want to bring these predators to justice, and hold institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, and others who fail to protect against these crimes accountable for their inaction. Our sexual assault lawyers work to recover compensation for our clients in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

Schools and Colleges

Students at colleges, universities, vocational training centers, and any other educational facility have the right to be protected from sexual assault and sexual abuse while attending classes or working there.

The following are some of the ways that students can protect themselves:

  • Know your rights as a student. You may not know what they are if you haven't been trained in them. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has information on their website about how to file a complaint with OCR.
  • If you think someone is being sexually harassed or assaulted, tell a trusted adult immediately.
  • Do not drink alcohol before going out alone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don't walk home alone late at night.
  • Avoid secluded areas such as parking lots, stairwells, and bathrooms.
  • Stay away from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

What To Do - Victims of Sexual Abuse In NJ

Sexual abuse is one of the most difficult topics to discuss because it involves personal issues. Many people don't want to talk about what happened because they feel like they'll be judged or misunderstood. But it is important to know what signs to look out for and how to keep yourself safe.

If you suspect that someone close to you might be experiencing abuse, here are some tips to follow:

  • Be honest and tell someone you trust. If you think something is wrong, say something. Even if you're afraid of being hurt or losing friends, it's better to be open and honest.
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions. There's no reason why you shouldn't speak up. Ask questions about what happened and what you can do next.
  • Don't let anyone pressure you into keeping quiet. Your safety is your responsibility.
  • Get professional help if necessary. A trusted friend, family member, counselor, therapist, or doctor can provide support and guidance.
  • Keep yourself safe. Avoid situations where you could be alone with the person who abused you.
  • Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Find ways to relax and de-stress. Try to eat healthy foods and sleep enough. This will improve your overall health and well-being.

What College Sexual Assault Victims Need to Know

Sexual assault is one of the most common crimes committed against women. In fact, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), one out of five women experiences some form of sexual violence in her lifetime. But while many people think of sexual assault as something that happens outside of school, the reality is that it occurs everywhere — including on college campuses. And because reporting sexual assault is difficult, there is a high likelihood that many incidents go unreported.

The Campus Sexual Assault Study, conducted by researchers at George Mason University, found that just over half of college students surveyed reported being sexually assaulted during their four years in college. Of those respondents, nearly three-quarters did not report the incident. Only 12 percent of incapacitated sexual abuse victims reported the crime.

According to RAINN, college students are less likely to report sexual assault compared with adults in general. For example, among adult women, 19 percent of rapes are never reported to police. However, among college women, the number jumps to 43 percent. While this could mean that college campuses are better equipped to handle reports of sexual assault, it could also mean that the stigma surrounding sexual assault keeps victims from coming forward.

In addition to the lack of reporting, another issue is victim blaming. When a woman is raped, she often blames herself for the attack. She thinks that if she had been smarter or dressed differently, the attack wouldn’t have occurred. These kinds of thoughts make it easier for perpetrators to continue committing similar acts.

While the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses is alarming, the good news is that there are ways to help prevent such attacks. First, colleges must ensure that students know how to recognize signs of sexual assault and understand their legal options. They should also provide training to faculty members and staff members on how to respond to situations involving potential sexual misconduct. Finally, schools need to develop policies that encourage students to come forward and seek assistance if they feel threatened.

What Are Some Of The Different Types of College Sexual Abuse?

It is common knowledge that college students are often sexually assaulted by their professors, coaches and other adult mentors at educational institutions. However, the fact that these sexual abuse cases are often perpetrated by people in authority at colleges and universities is why so many victims go unheard.

The law in New Jersey does provide a remedy for victims of sexual abuse and harassment, but most victims are unaware of the resources available to them.

A New Jersey sexual abuse attorney at the Garden State Justice Group law firm will provide you with a free consultation and legal advice to help you protect yourself and obtain financial compensation after a sexual abuse incident occurred.

How Can I Sue For Sexual Abuse In New Jersey?

When it comes to college students, there is a high chance that they will face sexual abuse during their time at school. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, over half of all female and one-third of all male college students report having been abused sexually during their time at school. This can include anything from unwanted touching to rape.

Sexual abuse is not only a problem in college, but it can happen anywhere at any age. However, there are laws in place to protect victims of childhood sexual abuse from this kind of behavior and to hold those who perpetrate these crimes accountable.

For example, in New Jersey, there is a specific law that protects victims of sexual abuse, including college students. The law gives victims the right to seek justice and it holds those who commit sexual abuse accountable.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, then you may have the right to sue the perpetrator and hold them financially responsible. If you are a victim of sexual abuse in college, then you may be able to file a claim under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination.

Contact A College Sexual Abuse Lawyer For More Information

In New Jersey, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against your school for negligence and hold them accountable if you are a victim of sexual abuse. In order to file a claim, you must have the following:

  • A valid claim against the school or the organization that allowed the sexual abuse to occur.
  • Evidence that the school was negligent and failed to take appropriate measures to prevent this kind of crime from happening.
  • Evidence that the sexual abuse occurred.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination provides victims of sexual abuse with certain rights, including the right to fair compensation and the right to file civil lawsuits. Victims can seek financial compensation for medical costs, emotional distress, and other losses. If you are a victim of sexual abuse in college or elsewhere, then you need to speak with an experienced and trusted sexual abuse lawyer in New Jersey. We can potentially help you file civil lawsuits against the people responsible for your sex abuse.

How Can a College Sexual Abuse Lawyer Help Me?

Sexual abuse has a wide reach and can occur anywhere.

There are two types of sexual abuse:

  • Non-contact sexual abuse, which is the most common type.
  • Contact sexual abuse, where a person touches a victim against their will, usually while the victim is asleep.

If you or someone you know was sexually abused at a New Jersey college, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. We represent students who were abused at New Jersey colleges. In fact, we have been helping students who were sexually abused at New Jersey colleges since our inception. Contact a sexual abuse lawyer for legal representation for New Jersey victims.

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