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Negligent individuals that cause others injuries, as well as the insurance companies who defend their recklessness, often get their way simply because they have the money to hire the best injury lawyers. Their only goal is to keep you as far away from the compensation you deserve. However, with the Garden State Justice Group at your side, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ve fought the insurance companies in the past, and we know what it takes for a claim to be successful. We have the resources necessary to see a lawsuit all the way to trial if necessary and were ready to fight for your rights starting right now. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.

Should I retain a lawyer after an injury-causing accident?

There is no requirement for a person injured in an accident to seek out a legal professional to represent them. However, many individuals choose to retain a legal professional to represent their interests after a personal injury for two primary reasons:

  1. they don’t possess the know-how in the field of injury law, and
  2. so they can concentrate on getting better physically after their accident.

Insurance companies frequently try to dissuade accident victims from obtaining a lawyer because they are aware of studies that show that people who secured an attorney regularly obtain considerably more compensation for their settlement compared with people who settle their case without legal assistance. Another reason individuals hire a personal injury law firm is that there are oftentimes issues that accompany personal injury litigations which need to be dealt with to avoid financial award difficulties down the road.

Which factors affect the compensation in a personal injury lawsuit?

The value of a personal injury case is composed of both financial and non-economic damages. Economic damages include medical bills, lost wages, and harm to property. Non-economic damages include pain and anguish, deformity, disfigurement, and loss of companionship or quality of life. There are other factors that play into the value of a suit such as:

  • the age of the injured or hurt person
  • the amount of insurance protection available
  • thw contributory fault resulting in the incident.

At our law firm, while we must accept the facts in each case, our goal is to present the most advantageous case possible to a judge, jury or insurance company evaluating your case.

What Are the Fees for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Virtually every personal injury or wrongful death claim at Garden State Justice Group is handled on a “contingency fee” structure. Under a contingency fee arrangement, our legal fee is set forth in a prepared contract at the time we are hired by a client. Moreover, we only receive a fee when we are successful in obtaining a financial reward on your behalf. If there is no recovery, we do not charge a legal fee.

If I Filed a Lawsuit for Personal Injury, Will It Go to Court?

Many personal injury cases settle before a lawsuit is ever filed in a courthouse. At Justice Guardians, we never expect cases to resolve easily or swiftly so we prepare each case as if it may go to trial. From the time we are retained in a case, we gather beneficial evidence to establish how an injury occurred and how the conduct of various groups may have contributed to the incident. This often implies collecting police accounts, witness statements, photographs of the area and case histories and expenses.

What Is the Average Resolution Time for a Personal Injury Case?

How long a personal injury case takes to settle is typically a function of the intricacy of the dispute and how aggressive an attorney is with settlement dialogue and/or litigation. For example, a rear-end collision involving a trucking firm with straight forward medical treatment will probably resolve faster than a medical malpractice case involving multiple parties. Garden State Justice Group understands the emotional and financial stress a case has on the individual and his or her family and works diligently to posture each case as best as possible. We are aggressive with our litigation and claims handling so each dispute can be resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible. The personal injury attorney assigned to your claim can give you a better time frame for resolution as all of the variables in play arise.

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