Common Car Accident Injuries In New Jersey

Auto Accident collision

Aside from being one of the largest purchases that a New Jersey resident will ever make, cars are also one of our most used possessions. We use them to commute to work, to transport our family members to vocational activities, to buy groceries at the supermarket, and maybe even when we go away on vacation.

Regrettably, and as many individuals already know, auto accidents are an everyday occurrence. Even worse, many of these result in severe bodily injuries for those who are traveling in the vehicles. On this page, our NJ auto accident attorneys review some of the most common trauma that their past clients have suffered.

However, if you were recently involved in a car wreck in the Garden State, we highly recommend getting in touch with our team.

It is very difficult to determine if you're eligible for compensation or to file a claim without having your case analyzed by a legal professional. Our lawyers boast years of experience handling car insurance claims in New Jersey and they can provide you with all the legal insight you need before making such a critical decision.

Common Injuries Suffered in Car Accidents

Most vehicles perform relatively the same function though not all of them are exactly the same. Not only are the makes and models widely varied, but so are their engine torques, their sizes, and their weights. These three latter factors are often the ones most relevant when discussing the potential for trauma.

The engine power and torque permit vehicles to drive at faster rates. On the other hand, the size and therefore the weight speak to the mass and momentum of the vehicle. Put together, the speed and weight can be directly related to the amount of damage that the vehicle can cause to those traveling within it as well as those on the outside.

Simply put - the heavier and faster a car is, the more harm it can cause if it gets into a wreck. This even applies in situations in which all passengers are wearing their seat-belts.

Below, we discuss the types of injuries most often encountered in vehicle crashes.

Back Injuries in Car Crashes

Back injuries are some of the most common types of trauma resulting from the wreck; this is due to what is known as "whiplash".

Whiplash occurs when you are driving normally and a sudden change of speed and direction occurs, such as when your vehicle is struck by another. The quick change of movement in your body can strain muscles, tear ligaments, and even produce vertebrae fractures.

Particular strain can be put on the neck, given that it is not held in place by a safety device such as a seat-belt. This is why victims of accidents will generally experience at least some form of neck pain.

Car Wrecks Can Produce Broken Bones & Nerve Damage

When the structural integrity of a vehicle is compromised in a wreck, the passengers can often suffer broken bones. This includes broken ankles, femurs, arms, clavicles, and even pelvises.

Fractures of any kind and of any part of the body can take a significant amount of time to heal. Unfortunately, these types of trauma can also produce nerve damage.

Unlike bones, nerves generally do not regenerate after they are injured. So, while a broken hand may heal and recuperate its complete function, the sensation of 'feel' on the hand or arm may never return to its pre-injury state.

Traumatic Head & Brain Injuries

As discussed earlier, the head is one of the parts of the body that is not 'held in place' during an accident. And while some of the more advanced cars possess "sidewall" airbags, the human head remains quite vulnerable.

As a result, head injuries are regularly diagnosed in survivors of vehicle crashes. But how do they manifest themselves?

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, can be produced as a result of the head physically hitting another object. The skull itself suffering some sort of fracture, or any impact at all, is not necessary for a traumatic brain injury to occur. In fact, the rapid movement of the brain inside of the skull itself can produce serious trauma.

When there is some sort of physical trauma to the head, it is often evidenced not only by visible bruises but by concussions which can be diagnosed by a medical professional.

Free Legal Consultations After A Car Crash

If you were involved in an automotive accident, and whether your injuries have been diagnosed by a doctor or not, you may be able to pursue compensation via a legal claim. Our team of attorneys will be able to analyze your case via a free legal review, simply reach out to them as soon as possible via phone or the form on this page.

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Date Published: February 6, 2020
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