Questions To Ask A Workers' Compensation Attorney In New Jersey

Questions To Ask A Workers Comp Lawyer

An incident at work has left you injured, and after scouring the web for information you likely have more questions than when you started. Similarly, searching online for "New Jersey workers comp lawyers near me" produces endless results.

How can you know who to trust with such a delicate matter as the financial security of your family when you're hurt?

Our knowledgeable attorneys have prepared the following primer for your reference. Continue reading to learn about what to expect when communicating with a workers' comp law firm, and the questions you should be ready to ask. If you have additional questions regarding your work injury and the legal options at your disposal, reach out to us via the form on this page (or via phone) to schedule a free legal consultation.

Preparing To Speak With A Workers' Compensation (WC) Attorney

As soon as you reach out to a legal representative, they will want to know about all the details and exact circumstances regarding your work accident. This includes the date on which it occurred, how it occurred, who else was present (witnesses,) if you've suffered the same injury in the past, and if your employer was given notice.

If your employer is aware of the incident, a lawyer will also ask about the suggested course of action indicated by your employer. Specifically, if your employer indicated that there was a specific timeline in which you had to receive treatment, and if a specific medical provider was suggested as the only medical professional which you could go to for treatment.

Attorneys will also be interested in the nature of your job. For example where you work, how long you've been employed there, what your day-to-day duties are, who your direct supervisor may be, and if other employees have suffered similar incidents.

Additionally, you should be ready to provide as much documentation as possible. If you've already received any kind of medical attention or visited a doctor for a consultation, they will want to see your medical records. If you have previous medical conditions that were exacerbated by this recent injury, they will also need to see records of past treatment.

Lastly, if any kind of communication has been established by your employer and their workers' comp insurance company, they will likely request copies of this as well. This will help a legal representative determine how far along the process you may be, as well as the exact contact information for your employer and the WC insurance provider they are currently engaged with.

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to have to gather all of these documents and information. However, any and all details are absolutely critical when building a strong work injury claim. Indeed, even the smallest bit of information can make the difference between a claim being denied, approved, or only receiving minimal benefits.

Once you've gathered as much information as possible and communicated it to a potential legal representative, it's your turn to ask the questions. Here are some of the ones you should keep top-of-mind as they will help you get an idea of who you are dealing with and if they are the trustworthy person you want handling your claim.

Questions To Ask A Workers' Comp Lawyer

When dealing with professionals, whether it is a doctor or a WC lawyer, their work experience can speak to what they may be able to do moving forward. If you're searching for an experienced workers comp attorney to handle your claim, feel free to ask about the claims and cases your prospective attorney has handled in the past.

Workmens' comp law can be complicated and if an attorney does not have vast experience navigating the claims process it can reflect directly on the results of your claim. Do not hesitate to ask about past clients and how their claims were resolved.

Moreover, you can also inquire into who will be directly handling your case and how easy it will be to get in contact with them. A workers' comp claim can take some time to resolve; if you're not able to get any status updates regarding its progress, this will only add on to the frustration you're already feeling after having suffered a job-related injury.

Perhaps most importantly, you want to get a concrete answer regarding the fees that a potential attorney will charge. In general, most legal representatives will be compensated on a contingency basis - this means that they will be paid a percentage of the total compensation amount. This is a favorable payment structure because it ties the success of the claim to the total payment that the attorney will receive, and will make them more likely to treat your claim as their own.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions regarding the whole workers' comp process, how a claim is handled by a lawyer, or how long it may take to begin receiving benefits, you can reach out to our experienced legal team via the form on this page.

Through our free legal consultation, you can have any specific questions regarding your case answered directly. If you prefer, you may also speak with our team via phone call. We will gladly answer all your questions, allowing you to make the important decision of choosing a lawyer with as much information as possible at your disposal.

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Date Published: February 3, 2020
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