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Alluvium, New Jersey, is a neighborhood within the Voorhees Township in Camden County.


Although there is a record for when Voorhees Township officially became a township in 1899, it is unsure how the area of Alluvium got its name. The word alluvium refers to the deposit of silt and clay but can include many particles of material. With the abundance of lakes in the area, it could be that the town was named after it.

The cluster of lakes, referred to as Sunshine Lakes, was once the destination for many vacationing residents of Philidelphia in the 1930s. Many families would travel to the area for refuge from city life. Residents remember music heard from the PA system, with songs like the following being played:

  • When Somebody Loves Somebody Sometime
  • Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
  • Purple People Eater

Even though there was a charge for admission to the lake area, it included more than just swimming in the cedar brown water. Picnic areas were set up, and diving boards were available for the strong swimmers. 


Today the neighborhood is home to many subdivisions, and the lake area is restricted to owners of the private lakefront condominiums that crowd the area. Some of these residential communities include:

  • Lakes at Alluvium Condominiums
  • Lago Del Sol 
  • Lake Villa

The average income per household was $82,146 in 2010, an increase of $13,744 from 2000. Although the area's average income is predominantly wealthy and within the top 15% of highest income neighborhoods in the country, 16.8% of the children are below the federal poverty line. Most of the town's population hold executive-level positions, and the occupational breakdown is the following:

  • 63.6% executive, management, or professional occupations
  • 21.1% sales or service jobs
  • 8.2% manufacturing or laborer occupations
  • 7.1% clerical, assistant, or technical support roles

The area is home to more Greek and Russian ancestry residents than any other neighborhood in the county. In fact, close to 18.8% of Alluvium's people were born outside of the United States. The ancestral breakdown of the area's population is as follows:

  • 18.6% Italian
  • 18.2% German
  • 15.8% Irish
  • 10.2% Russian
  • 2.5% Greek

Even though 77.1% speak English as their primary language, other languages spoken are the following:

  • Languages of India
  • Chinese
  • Russian


In addition to the other neighborhoods within Voorhees Township, the population was 29,131 and consisted of 11,470 households and 7,433 families. The racial makeup of the township was the following:

  • 71.77% white
  • 8.70% African American
  • 3.43% Hispanic or Latino
  • 16.13% Asian
  • 0.15% Native American
  • 0.04% Pacific Islander
  • 0.84% other races
  • 2.36% two or more races

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Date Published: April 7, 2021
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