Top Golf Accidents and Injuries

Injuries & Accidents At TopGol

Whether it be on a free weekday afternoon or over the weekend, Americans across the country have been counting on TopGolf to provide excitement and competitive entertainment since their first location opened its doors in 2005. Unfortunately, for more than a handful of past patrons, experiences at TopGolf have ended in disaster rather than in delight.

Accidents at TopGolf Locations

Were you or a loved one the victim of an injury at a TopGolf location, whether due to your own inexperience, another patron's negligent behavior, or simply due to a lack of safety standards? You should know that you have powerful legal options at your disposal that can aid in attaining a compensation that covers any damages you may have suffered.

Most importantly, by filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can pursue the justice you deserve. How can you know if you have a potential case? Call our experienced New Jersey injury attorneys today, or fill out the form on this page, to learn more via a free legal consultation.

It may be true that some of the TopGolf accidents mentioned above, and which we cover individually further down the page, are more serious than others.

It can also be said that they could have resulted at least in part due to the carelessness of the customers themselves. Nevertheless, they do raise some important questions such as:

  1. How Common Are Injuries At TopGolf?
  2. What Kinds Of Personal Injuries Have Been Caused By TopGolf Accidents?
  3. How Do TopGolf's Rules Specifically Avoid The Same Incidents?
  4. Have TopGolf's Rules Changed So As To Avoid The Recurrence Of Falls & Other Injuries?
  5. Why Should Victims Of TopGolf Injuries Report Their Incidents?

We address these questions and more throughout this page, though the links above will help you navigate directly to the answer you may be looking for.

If you've already found yourself the victim of the hazards encountered at TopGolf facilities, then our experienced legal representatives are here to help. In the past, we've secured millions in financial compensation for victims of injuries and can help guide you through the complex legal process.

Very few individuals think of a lawsuit as the first recourse after suffering an accident at a TopGolf, but it may be the only way for victims to achieve compensation. No amount of money can turn back time and prevent you from suffering a debilitating injury, but it can ease the pressure on yourself and your family, ultimately allowing you to concentrate on what's important - healing and recovery.

Contact our experienced accident lawyers today to discuss your case.

TopGolf Accidents

Two Men Suffer 2-Story Fall At A TopGolf In Ft. Worth, TX

A Texas TopGolf location had to be closed and all patrons asked to leave when two customers became involved in a heated argument that resulted in a fight. To make matters worse, it appears that the two men were situated on the second floor of the facility.

The fight escalated and eventually ended when the two men fell two stories, down onto the green. While authorities indicated that the individuals involved in the altercation suffered only minor injuries, it is more than clear that the extent of their injuries could have been significantly worse.

While it was not directly indicated by authorities, it is believed that intoxication could have played a part.

Man Requires Prosthetic Eye After Being Hit By Golf Ball At TopGolf

Cooper Brown, a 29-year-old, was visiting a TopGolf in Dallas when he was struck in the eye by a golf ball. Few details have been released regarding the incident, but it has been alleged that the ball was hit by a neighboring patron who had one-too-many drinks from the facility's alcoholic selections.

Tragically, Brown's eye could not be saved after the extensive trauma; he now wears a prosthetic eye.

Woman Loses Right Eye At TopGolf After Intoxicated Guest Hits Ball Backwards

Rebecca Brown was yet another victim of the potential hazards encountered at TopGolf.

In the year 2013, she was sitting at a table behind a hitting bay when an inebriated patron hit a ball backward in her direction. The ball struck her eye, leading to permanent damage and ultimately required her to wear a prosthetic in its place.

Air Force Member Suffers Paralysis After Suffering Fall At TopGolf

Carlos Palomo Jr., a US Air Force Servicemen, was visiting a TopGolf when he inadvertently fell from the second floor of the facility.

Safety nets were in place, but these were evidently insufficient to stop his fall. Palomo suffered severe spinal cord injuries which left him paralyzed and unable to fulfill his military career and ultimately, his personal goals. Moreover, Carlos will require specialized medical treatment for as long as he lives.

TopGolf Injury FAQs

How Common Are Injuries At TopGolf?

While there are some public reports such as those mentioned above that detail specific cases of injuries that have taken place at TopGolf facilities, no official statistics have been released. Therefore, at this point, any number would only be a guess as to how prevalent TopGolf accidents are.

What Kinds Of Personal Injuries Have Been Caused By TopGolf Accidents?

The injuries that individuals have suffered at TopGolf facilities are centered around two main themes:

  1. TopGolf Falls: TopGolf prides itself in building large, multi-story facilities from which their patrons can hit golf balls down range. Regrettably, there exist very few safety measures other than nets to prevent persons from going over the edge, whichever the specific circumstances may be.
  2. Flying Projectiles: Whether it be golf clubs that are swung wildly by inexperienced players, balls ricocheting back into a hitting bay, or even mishits that somehow go opposite of the intended direction, flying projectiles seem to be one of the main causes of injuries at TopGolf. Indeed, there is no physical barrier separating spectators from the player who is on the tee so, whatever the projectile headed in their direction may be, the persons present in any hitting bay have very protection other than their own reflexes

How Do TopGolf’s Rules Specifically Avoid The Same Incidents?

TopGolf does in fact establish a set of rules which are intended to keep all patrons safe. Sadly, these do not seem to be specific enough or encompassing enough to fully ensure the safety of all persons present.

For instance, TopGolf's website indicates that "no running starts" are allowed and that "only the person hitting a ball should stand beyond the red line". Nevertheless, it is not clear whether the staff regularly monitors patrons to ensure that safety regulations are followed or if any procedure exists for removing customers who may not be following the rules and therefore endangering the safety of other visitors.

Have TopGolf’s Rules Changed So As To Avoid The Recurrence Of Falls & Other Injuries?

After various incidents of injuries and accidents at TopGolf facilities became public, the company offered an official statement:

"We care about the well-being of all our guests, and safety continues to be a top priority."

However, no details were given as to how rules may have been updated and safety standards improved upon to ensure that similar accidents do not recur.

Why Should Victims Of TopGolf Injuries Report Their Incidents?

It is important for all victims of accidents and injuries at TopGolf facilities to report their incident to the staff as soon as it takes place so that it may be logged internally. It is only by making the incident known to executives of the company that they may be addressed and the TopGolf experience be made safe not only for customers but also for the staff.

Filing A Lawsuit After Suffering An Injury At A TopGolf

Unfortunately, filing an internal report is unlikely to provide a patron who has suffered a severe injury with any kind of compensation, so victims must go a step further.

By filing a lawsuit for injury at a TopGolf, not only will the victim and their loved ones be able to fight for their deserved compensation, but other customers will become aware of the potential hazards they face when they visit one of their 50+ locations spread across the country.

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